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Gert Bunt
News 21|04|2023

Fleet Support based on digital twins

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Fleet Support, driving force of innovative shipping

Currently, Fleet Support Services mainly deliver 24/7 support for making/keeping ships operational. In the near future, they will increasingly provide proactive solutions to stakeholders' challenges such as CO2 reduction, process improvement on board, risk management, autonomous shipping, etc. To enhance innovative shipping, Fleet Support will become extremely data-driven. That is why is laying the groundwork for integrated Fleet Support Services based on vessels’ digital twins. Brand-new Business Development Manager Gert Bunt shares our ambitious plans for the future.

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How future Fleet Support will thrive

According to Gert, Fleet Support will be able to provide perfect solutions to the future needs of ships, crews, shipowners, cargo owners and port authorities. This will involve intelligently taking advantage of the digital transformation that is now rapidly taking place on board, where we are seeing new technologies carrying out new activities, as well as harnessing data to make existing processes more efficient.

Driving a Ferrari like a Fiat

The possibilities of system integration and data in shipping are already seemingly endless – think PLCs, VFDs, etc. – but often, fleet managers don’t know how to bring them all together and use them to their benefit. “You give them a Ferrari, but they have to drive it like a Fiat. Their ships have many more features than they actually are aware of and use. In my opinion, one of the tasks of modern Fleet Support should therefore be to train fleet managers and crews so that they learn about the system’s capabilities and how it can help them manage the ship more efficiently and reduce its ecological footprint. Fleet Support should assist in sustaining the sustainability.”

Introducing: digital twins of entire ships

Future proof Fleet Support will optimally use real-time data from on-board computers, monitors and sensors to do simulations, tests, incident investigation and maintenance. A digital twin of the entire ship will be deployed in guiding the various stakeholders. For instance, as mentioned before, the virtual model can be used to train the crew. It helps ship owners and investors understand the impact of their choices and thus make better decisions on which systems and technologies to integrate into their vessels. It helps underwriters to analyse accidents, fleet managers to find root causes and improve processes, and cargo owners to reduce the carbon footprint of their products.

High ambitions

A digital twin is fuelled by input from the ship, but obviously, human skills remain heavily involved. has been active in the marine industry for over 25 years and has vast experience. Not only in Fleet Support, but also in concept and basic design, detail engineering, newbuilds, refits and conversions, project management, piping and mechanical support, structural and outfitting support, as well as alternative drive systems, supervision, FEED studies, R&D and feasibility studies. “Our ambition is now to map all this know-how, enhance it with IT and system engineering and combine it to top-notch digital twins in order to deploy integrated Fleet Support advice and services.”

Shaping the engineers of the future

“In order to execute this ambitious plan, it is important to prepare our experts and teach them the skills they will need in their future roles. That is why we are fully engaged in the process of educating and recruiting the engineers of the future. At the same time, we stay abreast of the current and future needs of shipping companies, fleet managers and shipyards. We engage with them to identify what our current and future clients expect from Fleet Support and how digital twins can help.”

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Gert Bunt

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Gert Bunt
Fleet Support Services Manager

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