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News 03|05|2022

Looking for a fleet support services business development manager

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Want more information? is determined to expand and internationalize its fleet support services activities in the coming years. For this reason, we are looking for a business development manager who can grow into a senior management position in the future.

Managing director Niko Fierens sees a lot of potential in the fleet management market: "Shipping companies often hire employees to supervise maintenance or repair projects for all kinds of vessels in dry dock. Those technical superintendents usually have many years of naval experience and now make their experience and knowledge available to the shipping companies via Until now, we mainly served local players in this area. In the near future we want to expand our range by offering international fleet support services and also by providing additional ship management services for shipping companies."

What kind of things do we have in mind, for example?

  • For major repairs:
    • writing technical and contract specifications
    • preparing tender files
    • negotiating with shipyards
    • following up on the work
    • successful financial closing of the repair order
  • For new construction projects:
    • thinks along with clients about the functional requirements based on the operational profile of the ship and what implications this has for the maintenance strategy.
    • We perform risk assessments to maximise vessel reliability and minimise downtime.
    • We provide advice on which critical spare parts should be available to get ships up and running quickly in the event of problems.
    • We help to select, prepare and commission maintenance management systems.
    • We ensure that ships are completely ready to depart the day they are delivered by the shipyard.
  • In case of problems on ships during their operations:
    • We come on board to investigate the cause of the problem.
    • We look for the most cost-effective solution (with regard to repair costs and the time that the ship is unavailable).
  • In the context of emission restrictions:
    • We investigate whether it is useful to convert certain ships so that they meet the strictest emission standards.
    • We provide advice on which technology is most suitable for the operation profile.
    • We estimate the economic impact of an energy transition and examine whether a new construction might be more meaningful.
  • Follow-up of external ship managers: can assist shipping companies that work with an external ship manager and who do not have the necessary technical expertise themselves, to evaluate whether that ship manager is meeting his contractual obligations. We help the shipping company with an objective analysis and provide input to improve the collaboration with the ship manager and make it more efficient.

Dynamic business development manager

Niko Fierens: "To further develop our fleet support services activities, we at are looking for an enthusiastic intrapreneur:

  • someone who has worked for a shipping company or shipyard and has a pretty good idea what ship management is about,
  • with good commercial instincts,
  • who likes to chart the course and look for opportunities and successes (not only locally, but also internationally),
  • who in the long run can also support the operational organisation,
  • who is interested in growing into a directors position in the long term.

Are you interested? Then send an email to

We will then contact you soon for an introductory meeting.

To further develop our fleet support services activities, we at are looking for an enthusiastic intrapreneur

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