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News 02|05|2023

Project Sourcing - FAQ

  • Maritime & Offshore

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What you need to know as a technical expert about project sourcing

As a technical expert at you can be employed on projects 'on site' with customers. That can be quite a lot to deal with if you're not yet familiar with project sourcing. Do you have questions about how project sourcing works exactly? These FAQ will help you decide if it's for you.

I'm looking for stability and security and prefer to work for one employer for a longer period of time.

With project sourcing, is your employer. Only the place and environment where you do your job changes. This is always done in consultation with you. In other words, you carry out successive assignments, but your CV remains stable.

What happens after the first project sourcing assignment? Where do I end up then? Does determine that or can I choose?

We will find the right follow-up assignment for you. During your job interview, we carefully check what you want to do, which type of customer you would like to work with, which locations are attractive for you, etc. In the meantime, we also continue to evaluate the direction in which you want to evolve. It's our job to ensure that the assignments we find for you meet your expectations. And if an assignment does turn out completely differently than you had imagined, we will discuss this openly and look for a new assignment. In other words, you can continue to work for the same employer, and still feel like you're changing jobs.

Am I on my own at the customer's site? Who are my colleagues then?

You'll have more colleagues than the average employee. On the one hand, there are your colleagues at the customer's site. By working with them every day, you learn a lot about the procedures and specific things that you have to take into account for the customer. You also have the colleagues who can support you. HR colleagues follow up with you on your assignments and you can always contact technical specialists within our engineering community with specific questions about your job. Training and events are organised as well so that you can get to know these MULTI colleagues better.

How long does an assignment last?

That differs from customer to customer. You support certain customers on specific projects. Your assignment will then last as long as the project is running. Follow-up projects are a possibility. Other customers simply ask for extra support in a certain department and then you're deployed on different projects. In this case, it's usually a matter of assignments of one year or longer.

How often do I have contact with How is follow-up done?

As an expert at our client's site, you will be followed up by both HR and Sales. Our HR colleagues contact you several times a year to hear how things are going and Sales visit regularly to see how things are evolving with the customer. In the first weeks of an assignment, there is always more contact in any case. After all, we want to make sure that everything goes well with you and with the assignment. Once the assignment is up and running, you'll have an average of one contact every two months. But if you need more contact moments, our door is always open to you.

What if an assignment with a customer suddenly stops?

Then we will look for a follow-up assignment that suits you as quickly as possible. After all, they are your regular employer.

How can I evolve within project sourcing as I move from job to job?

In any case, this way you gain a lot of experience in different assignments and with different customers. Before and during your assignments, we engage in a dialogue with you about how you see yourself evolving. We look at how we can facilitate this with very specific choices for your follow-up assignments and extra training. For example, the MULTI Launch programme is very useful if you're starting out with us. You usually receive technical training at the customer's site, but soft skills, leadership, teamwork and communication are incorporated in MULTI Launch.

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