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News 12|12|2022

Project sourcing: flexible use of specific skills

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Project sourcing gives companies the opportunity to have certain projects carried out by external specialists, such as engineers, IT specialists, technicians, … but also marketers and lawyers. Project sourcing ensures that your company can deploy the right person in the right place at the right time. But it also offers lots of other advantages. Discover them here.

Voices are increasingly being raised about the need to create a more dynamic labour market. Greater labour market participation and mobility are the main objectives. By 2030, the Flemish government wants to reach an employment rate of 80%. At the end of 2020, this was barely 70%. In concrete terms, we will therefore have to employ more than 700,000 additional people to reach the 80% mark… No easy task.

Quantitatively, it's a significant challenge, but also qualitatively. Trends such as increasing technology, digitisation, internationalisation and the greening of our economy and society mean that a lot of additional and new skills will be needed to meet future challenges. In addition, more than ever, lifelong learning will assume a permanent place on the corporate agenda. How can you best deal with this as a company?

Project sourcing in response to the demand for specific skills

In order to properly manage certain projects that do not exactly belong to their core business, companies can call on external specialists. These specialists have the necessary knowledge and experience, and thus form an interesting addition to the skills that are already present within the company today. But why should companies engage external parties through project sourcing? An external employee costs a lot more than an internal one, doesn't it? Yes, that's right. The service that offers in the context of project sourcing doesn't come for free. But project sourcing helps companies to find answers in several areas:

  • The right skills to handle peaks
    The workload within your company can fluctuate widely. If you are faced with intense peaks, your current workforce will not be sufficient to respond to them. That's when external employees with specific skills come in handy. After all, once a project has been completed, they go their separate ways.

    That way, you pay exactly the number of employees you need at any given time. In peak periods you have enough people at your disposal, but you are also safe during less busy times. Because if your workload suddenly drops and you rely entirely on your own employees on the payroll, then during those off-peak periods you will have to pay people for whom you actually have no work available. Project sourcing therefore ensures cost efficiency!
  • Access to a wide network of technical profiles
    It's not easy to find the right technical profiles on the labour market today. Moreover, for many companies, searching for such profiles is not at all their core business. It's therefore not easy to find the right candidate. Did you know that a wrong hire costs on average more than € 35,000? So you better play it safe. has several recruiters and an HR department that takes care of the recruitment of new professionals. Through us, your company gains access to a wide network of technical profiles with the right experience and knowledge, without having to worry about posting vacancies, job interviews, etc. You will even be proactively offered candidates who become available. This means that you can fully focus on your core business.
  • Rapidly deployable
    When you work with, we can meet your project staffing needs on a very short deadline.
  • Transparent cost structure
    All costs are clearly listed in advance. So, no unpleasant surprises. By the way, you can perfectly write off the costs for external employees on the project concerned, so you'll have no increase in overhead costs.
  • Follow-up of our employees
    Once our specialists have started working for you in the context of project sourcing, we will continue to monitor them closely. Of course, we expect you to do the same from within the project itself. We can thus jointly ensure that the conditions are optimal to achieve an excellent end result. If we determine that an employee does not feel that an assignment is a good fit, we will communicate openly about this with you. We will then look for the best possible solution together. Open and transparent communication is essential for us and for you.
  • Extensive training offer provides a wide range of training courses for all employees, which includes both technical training and soft skills. In this way, our people continue to improve their skills without you having to incur additional costs.
  • Additional competencies available
    When one of our experts on an assignment is confronted with an issue or problem for which there is insufficient knowledge within your company, they can count on an extensive network of specialists via for support.
  • Our specialists become part of your project tea
    Our experts do everything they can to optimally integrate into your company. Even if they are external employees, they are still fully fledged members of the team that carries out a project. So you can be confident in the loyalty of our specialists.

Federgon quality label

Federgon and Agoria business group TPMA (Technical Project Management and

Assistance) recently launched a project sourcing quality label. has this label, which guarantees that we carefully follow tax and social regulations. This means you don't have to worry about any liabilities or sanctions in the context of a prohibited secondment.

Would you like to discuss project sourcing with us? Then contact us today. We will quickly schedule an appointment.

Read the Whitepaper from Federgon on project sourcing

Project sourcing ensures that your company can deploy the right person in the right place at the right time.


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