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News 08|12|2022

The story of Allan and Matthew

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Reunited as colleagues again at

Matthew McDonald and Allan Mulrine were once colleagues at a ship building company in Glasgow. When Matthew got involved with, he convinced Allan to choose us as well. Our own employees are our best ambassadors – that much is clear!

A passion for yachts

Five years ago, Matthew was working at his previous employer on a joint project with "After a meeting at their office, I ran into a lot of old acquaintances. It was great to see them again and it gave me a good feeling. Coincidence or not, but a few days later I received a call from asking if I wanted to come and work for them. I said yes because I thought it would be nice to end up in an environment where I already knew a lot of people. And because I really wanted to get back to work in yacht building."

Golf clubs

Allan followed a few years later. "My job in the Netherlands was over. Before returning to Scotland, I texted Matthew that he had better hurry up and pick up his golf clubs that were still at my house. But instead, he offered me a job at You'd almost think he can't live without me 😊."

A vast amount of know-how

Matthew: "The truth is that someone with Allan's experience in yacht building would be a great asset to our team. I was sure of that because I've known him from even before we worked together in Glasgow. I didn't have to work too hard to convince him."

Working overseas

Allan has been working in the shipbuilding industry for almost 40 years now. For Matthew, it's even a family tradition: his grandfather, uncle and sister were or still are in the industry. And the two of them are proof that good shipbuilders are in demand all over the world. Allan has worked in Germany, Northern Ireland and South Korea. After a difficult first year in France, Matthew also got a taste for an overseas job. He ended up in the Netherlands with the intention of moving again after a maximum of one year. "But I stayed and in the meantime, Holland has become my home." For Allan, his stay in the Netherlands is temporary anyway because he has a place of his own in Scotland and in Spain, where he wants to enjoy his retirement later.

Strong corporate culture

That pension is not on the way very soon. In the meantime, both of them continue to work happily at "I love my job," says Matthew. "You're not bound by a narrow job description. On the contrary, you get a lot of freedom and you're involved in all aspects of a project. It's also very impressive that people come and go, but the company continues to feel like one big team, one big family, even. That corporate culture is especially strong and everyone who comes to work for us is immediately immersed in it. Finally, is also a healthy and growing company that offers a lot of flexibility and great opportunities. We both feel at home here."

You're not bound by a narrow job description. On the contrary, you get a lot of freedom and you're involved in all aspects of a project

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