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From concept & basic design to detailed engineering

Concept design

The concept design starts with a meeting with our client on the basis of design, as it is critical that has a clear understanding of the 'clients' requirements for the vessel in terms of performance and functions, but also as an example, the classification and flag to be applied, the operational limitations and the preferred equipment manufacturers.

The concept design is a relatively short time period in which the main design parameters are defined, and the main equipment is selected based on the vessel's power requirements. Hence, the costs of the unit during building and operation are largely defined. Therefore, the design method should be tailored to suit the optimal design aspects for the specific unit, and a good process is required to offer the best solution in terms of investment.

This requires a high level of communication and cooperation between the client and to discuss the various vessel system options in order to find the best solution based on the requirements put forward by the client, as well as the technical challenges indicated by During this process the common goal and focus is to find the most reliable, safe and flexible concept vessel.

The concept design phase is closed once a relatively mature design is achieved, which aims to avoid design changes in the succeeding basic design phase.

The concept design package allows for budget tendering with shipyards. During this phase, can provide technical support or validate different quotations if deemed necessary.

Basic design

The concept design deliverables will be the firm basis for the basic design, where all technical issues can be addressed, checked and confirmed. Deliverables will be the complete technical information including drawings & calculation reports as well as approval by the relevant regulatory bodies like flag state and classification society.

Detailed engineering

Based on a basic design produced by or by an external company, provides a detailed engineering package in which your vessel is completely engineered in 3D, and a production package is supplied based on shipyard requirements, outfitting and piping scopes.

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