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Naval architecture

Our naval architects have a broad experience and assist with:

  • rules and regulations, safety plans and arrangements;
  • propulsion prediction, motion analysis, DP studies, mooring analyse;
  • stability calculations and on site experiment;
  • strength, scantling and FEM calculations;
  • offshore transport and installations;
  • hull fatigue assessment;
  • weight assessments;
  • feasibility studies;
  • new building or conversion specifications.

Because of our presence in various shipping markets, we have experience with all major classification societies. Upon client request, assists in class coordination procedures as well.

Propulsion prediction, motion analysis, DP studies, mooring analyse

We perform:

  • power predictions for your ship to maintain certain service speed at a certain condition;
  • motion analysis to indicate the motions your ship will experience;
  • mooring analyses to determine the number of chains and anchors require.

For vessels with dynamic positioning we perform DP studies and deliver DP plots

Rules and regulations, safety plans and arrangements

We have naval architects available who are familiar with latest rules and regulations from class and flag states. They support your new-building or existing vessel with providing documents such as;

  • safety plan;
  • escape plan;
  • fire control plan;
  • lifesaving appliances plan:
  • fire integrity;
  • damage control plan and booklets;
  • stability calculations and on site experiment. offers intact and damage (deterministic and probabilistic) stability calculations using PIAS, a professional ship design software, next to the solutions already offered using Delftship.

To make our service to our clients complete, lightweight surveys and inclining experiments are being executed worldwide by our experts.

Strength, scantling and FEM calculations

Our structural engineering department performs strength calculations ranging from general hand calculations to beam theory software analysis, up to detailed finite element analysis. We have experience in classification rules and regulations for ship scantling calculations, as well as offshore regulations for general structure strength analysis.

Offshore transport and installations

Our structural engineering department performs transport and installation analyses for various offshore projects. Our tasks included the determination of acceleration forces, design of various sea-fastening structures, under-deck strength checks and if needed reinforcement design, and rigging design for offshore lifts. All calculations are according to various classifications’ rules and regulations

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