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Concept, basic and detail designers

From our on-site engineering business solution is able to offer you support in all stages of the design phase through the use of our designers.

Concept design stage

Our experts translate the clients’ demands for the vessel in terms of performance and functions into the main design choices. They give advice about the classification and flag, operational limitations and preferences of equipment manufacturers.

Goal and focus

The contribution of our experts in this phase should lead to find the best compromise between the competing design aspects and a good process in order to offer the best solution in terms of investment. During this process the common goal and focus is to find the most reliable, safe and flexible concept vessel.

Basis design stage

In this stage our experts will address, check and confirm all technical issues.


All technical information (drawings, calculation reports, ...) up to approval by the relevant regulatory bodies like flag state and classification society.

Detail design stage

Based on the basic design our experts provide a detailed engineering package in which your vessel is completely engineered in 3D.

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