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SS Delphine
News 11|12|2023

The renaissance of a legendary luxury yacht

  • Maritime & Offshore

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The SS Delphine was constructed in 1921 for the Dodge family, famous for their automobile manufacturing. It was a 75-meter private yacht with steam propulsion. In 1926, the vessel suffered a devastating fire and capsizing. During the 1940s, it underwent a transformation into a warship. However, it fell into neglect in the 1980's.

A new chapter

A new chapter began in 1997 when a new owner acquired the yacht, finding it extensively looted and in a state of significant decay. He committed to a comprehensive restoration, meticulously returning the yacht to its original state.

Restoring grandeur and elegance

The refit-project was an intense process due to the poor condition of the ship and a lack of existing construction drawings. Moreover, the superstructure had to be redone completely. The team was working at the yard to take measurements on board to be sure that their design would fit reality. Old techniques such as the use of rivets made the refit challenging. provided a comprehensive engineering package for this extensive refit project. This package encompassed fundamental structural and piping engineering, safety plans required by class standards, equipment layout designs, and more. Additionally, offered on-site support at the yard throughout the duration of the refit.

Modern equipment

The vessel was stripped down to its steel framework. Subsequently, steel restorations followed, as well as interior refurbishments, and equipment upgrades. Notably, while the original steam engine was retained, the ship was also modernized with the installation of an ultra fog sprinkler system.

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