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News 26|03|2024

Yacht refit projects: discover our unmatched expertise

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Want more information? boasts considerable expertise in yacht refit projects. Owners of yachts, for example, can rely on us for project management. Innovative projects, such as installing a new energy system for a yacht, are well within our wheelhouse.

“Yacht refit projects are about exceeding expectations,” says Gert Bunt, Fleet Support Services Manager at “A yacht refit focuses on people, understanding their wishes, and translating dreams into technical possibilities, all while adhering to timelines, budgets and regulatory boundaries, and modernizing the yacht for a great new season. Fortunately, at, we are people-oriented engineers, prepared to equip yachts for the future. We possess extensive in-house project experience, yacht operation knowledge, and specialize in innovative technologies.”

We understand yachting

At Fleet Support Services, we understand life on a yacht and the subtleties of owning one. At, we have the knowledge and experience in hotel systems, technical systems, and yacht structures needed to realize any dream during a refit. Our project managers and specialists are brimming with experience in yacht building and refitting, often gained from living on board.

A refit is not only about budgets, planning, and choosing the right resources. It is also crucial to ensure that the 'experience' is fulfilling and, ideally, exceeds expectations. Project managers can be assisted by specialists in various yacht areas, ranging from structural to system engineers, and from new energy specialists to those focused on energy reduction in yacht and hotel systems.

“Our specialists are knowledgeable about chlorination plants, electric jet ski charging stations, electric propulsion, new fuels such as methanol and hydrogen, and automation system integration. Our innovative tool, the digital twin, helps ensure the owner’s objectives are met, validates investments, assists in design, reduces risks, cuts maintenance costs, and proposes optimization adjustments. With this digital tool, we aim to reduce the carbon footprint while optimizing pleasure and lifestyle.”

What services does Fleet Support Services, provide?
  • Expertise: by outsourcing experts and specialists assisting the entire refit, from plan to execution
  • Consultancy: translating the customer's dream into a concrete plan, a specification, providing advice on choices, assisting in cost reduction and providing manuals and training in optimal operation.
  • Digital twin: a digital twin acts as the digital shadow of the ship, serving as a theoretical model that compares actual performance with design ideas and can even influence actions. In this context, we study and verify whether the planned refit aligns with the owner's objectives. This approach enables us to demonstrate in advance the effectiveness of certain solutions, potentially leading to reductions in operational costs for installation, maintenance, and insurance. It also helps improve funding and acceptance, contributing to an overall reduction in the carbon footprint.
Gert Bunt

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Gert Bunt
Fleet Support Services Manager

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