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No water safety or environmental risk

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Our client has years of practical expertise in the aquafarming.

The Producers Organization of Mussels in The Netherlands plans to go offshore and develop a test mussel farm in the Voor-Delta, the group of banks and shoals west of the coast of Zeeland.
Initially, our client submitted a report for approval to Rijkswaterstaat which was based on calculations using a more simplistic and straight forward approach which is common in the sea farming industry.
However, the calculations using this traditional approach did not work and therefore did not get approved by Rijkswaterstaat. It is because of the challenging environmental conditions of the Dutch coastal area that combined fairly high waves, high current speed and shallow waters which made it difficult to provide a catenary line.
For this reason, teamed up with our sister company MarIdea to perform the engineering verification for this Sea Farm project.

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The calculations we provided as part of our report were at a level that gave confidence to Rijkswaterstaat that there would be no water safety or environmental risks associated with the project.


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Tom Jacob
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