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Tamás Horváth


This new position is a great challenge for me, to improve myself and to expand my knowledge even more.

Tamás Horváth

How did you end up at

When I first heard about I was already working elsewhere, but in that job I felt that there was more to it. That I, could do more. Through LinkedIn I received a job offer from in Temse, Belgium. It was during the conversation with Dieter that I found out that there is also an office in Komarno, barely a few hundred meters from my job at the time, but I didn't know. I wanted to work at, so I asked if there was any open position at the office in Komarno.

This is how I started working at, 5 years ago. If it wasn't for a good match between the LinkedIn vacancy and my profile, I wouldn't have this job now.

How is the job?

I started as a Draftsman and since this year I am a Team Lead. I always worked on Oceanco projects (even in my previous job). Thanks to my experience with Oceanco projects, I was able to grow into Team Lead. Time to time I travel to the Netherlands; to Vlissingen where we have an office and to Zwijndrecht also, where we started an office and where the Oceanco yard is located.

This new position is a great challenge for me, to improve myself and to expand my knowledge even more. It also a good feeling to know that the customer is satisfied with my work and expresses this to me.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

In 5 years, I still see myself as Team Leader. At the moment I don't see myself growing into Project manager, but as the saying goes, never say never. Maybe in 10 years I'll think differently.

I feel good in my role as Team Leader. I used to be shy and afraid to talk and this position challenges me to get out of my comfort zone and talk to people, also in English. In the beginning it was rough but now it has improved enormously.

What do you do in your free time?

I also continue the line of engineering in my hobbies. I have a 3D printer and I use it to design useful objects, not to make models. If something breaks in the house, I try to replace it with a 3D printed part. In addition, I worked on a project with solar panels together with a friend, that was also nice to do and expanded my knowledge. Of course, there is still enough time for my friends and I like to go to concerts.

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