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Tim Boeykens


At you work on projects that suit you best so that you can offer the greatest added value for the client and your team

Tim Boeykens

5 questions for Tim Boeykens | Project Manager Maritime & Offshore

With since September 2021

What is your background?

I'm an electro-mechanical engineer and after my studies I have worked for eight years as a superintendent for an offshore shipping company. With many hours of experience in shipyards and on board of ships, I have a very hands-on background.

Why project manager?

The management of design & engineering projects offers a lot of variation. This ranges from start-up to planning and financing, to providing technical advice and collaborating with multidisciplinary teams. You often consult with clients, subcontractors and teams, but you can also often be found on board or at worksites. It's about 50-50. I find it interesting to guide the whole process. After the engineering, we regularly follow up a part of the production or implementation, so we are often involved in that part as well. It's fascinating to see a project taking shape in this way.


I know from my previous employer and have always kept up with them. I was prompted by the impressive package of activities they offer in Maritime & Offshore: from smaller calculations and drawings to large engineering projects, offshore, yachting, new construction and conversions, the implementation of installations, etc. Their offer is highly comprehensive and that is really exceptional for a Belgo-Dutch company.

What projects do you work on?

We supervise a large part of the engineering for the conversion of a bulk carrier to a rock dumping vessel (fallpipe vessel). We are involved in a R&D project on the removal of plastic waste in waterways, we perform the design & engineering for the new construction of large luxury yachts, we help with project management in the greening of fleets, and so on.

If a client is bound by the limitations of the systems during a conversion or repair, then thanks to my practical experience I can often offer added value in order to still deliver the most efficient solution.

How would you describe in 3 words?

1. Added value provider

At you work on projects that suit you best so that you can offer the greatest added value for the client and your team.

2. Great team, good atmosphere

I work in a young and committed steady team. As a result, we build a good relationship with each other, also thanks to the fun activities after work. We may not have a 9 to 5 job, but that doesn't mean the work never stops. On the contrary, the company safeguards the boundaries and the well-being of the employees. The fact that people who had ended up in a burnout at their previous employer do feel good at says a lot about the human company culture you feel here.

3. Opportunities

At they really don't hold you by the hand. You get a lot of freedom to determine your own way of working, to find out what works for you and to find solutions. Of course, that also means a lot of responsibility, but you can always contact your team and manager for consultation and support.

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